Blooms of the week – Keryn Sweeney

I started my first floral series in 2014. I hadn’t intended on photographing florals that day but Claire, from One Lovely Day, turned up with these beautiful flowers and my floral passion stemmed from there (pun intended). 

Trends – Anna Church, Sculptographer

‘In the littlest of details, the best visual soundbites happen. I love venturing into grungy parts of urban environments. The textures and layers, the plants — it all gets thrown up at you.’

Together Loves – Evie Kemp

Tell us about your background and how you got started? I’ve always loved art & design, and have been making and collecting since I was little. When I went to university I started out studying Art History but switched to Graphic Design when I realised I wanted to be on the ‘hands on’ side of … Read more