Best of Diamonds for the Modern Bride

Modern diamonds, whether it be a classic white diamond solitaire, a cluster of organic shapes or a statement emerald cut, are still such popular choices when it comes to modern engagement and wedding rings.

Objects of Desire Issue #26

For issue twenty-six of Together Journal, we decided to focus on coloured jewels as well as beautiful clear diamonds for our Objects of Desire editorial section. Coloured stones are a trend we are seeing more and more for engagement and celebration rings. See how our favourite jewellers are working with precious coloured and clear stones … Read more

Diamonds with Conscience

For many women, a solitaire diamond engagement ring is the most significant piece of jewellery she will ever own. An embodiment of love; it is commented upon, admired, worn every day, and like the wedding ring, is a constant reminder of the most important commitment in life to be made.

Together Loves: Cameron Jewellery


The story of Cameron Jewellery begins in March 1984. In the workshop of a small Palmerston North boutique, Peter Cameron was on a solo mission to push the boundaries of conventional design. Putting his traditional training to good use, he tirelessly handcrafted jewels that his neighbours would fall completely and utterly in love with.

Cushla Whiting – Issue 15

Siblings Cushla, Anna and Hamish Whiting grew up with twinkles in their eyes. These days, they put their childhood lessons to beautiful use in their Melbourne-based jewellery business… 

Zoe & Morgan – You are the Sky 2018

‘You are the Sky’ is a homage to mountains, specifically Nepal in the Himalayas, home to the world’s tallest and most spectacular peaks. Mountains have always been a place where people have gone to meditate and connect with the divine.

Objects of Desire – Issue 10

Zoe & Morgan | WORLD | Jewellers Workshop | Cushla Whiting | Bario Neal | Karen Walker | Misko | Natalie Marie Jewellery | Alexis Russell | Meadowlark | The Gold Lane | Silk & Steel 

Objects of Desire – Issue 8

01. Ritual Cerimonia ring in Rose quartz by YCL Jewels  | 02. Diamond drop earrings by Sutcliffe Jewellery | 03. Elke Kramer ring available at WORLD | 04. Kepla hoops by Misco | 05.Square diamond cluster and white gold earrings by Diamonds on Richmond 06. Rose cut diamond engagement ring by Zoe & Morgan | 07. Freya engagement set … Read more