Diamonds with Conscience

For many women, a solitaire diamond engagement ring is the most significant piece of jewellery she will ever own. An embodiment of love; it is commented upon, admired, worn every day, and like the wedding ring, is a constant reminder of the most important commitment in life to be made.

But what is the story behind your ring? Responsibility and ethical sourcing are a focus for Michael Hill, which is why the jeweller is a proudly certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. As part of the company’s wider sustainability journey, Michael Hill is also proud to carry a first-to-market range of diamonds from the De Beers Code of Origin Trusted Source Program.

Diamonds with the De Beers Code of Origin are natural, conflict free diamonds, ethically discovered by De Beers in  Botswana, Canada, Namibia or South Africa. In these locations, De Beers work hard to help provide jobs, healthcare and education, focusing on programs supporting women and girls.

The solitaire is iconic when it comes to engagement rings and can be traced right back to Ancient Roman times when a ring symbolised life and eternity and was used as a public pledge of marriage between a couple; a tradition later picked up in Victorian times by married couples to be, when diamonds, although still highly precious and valuable become more readily available. A solitaire is timeless but modern and will continue to endure as a top choice for discerning brides.

Michael Hill hand-selects diamonds and then crafts them into a stunning new capsule range of Michael Hill Solitaire engagement rings. As Michael Hill’s signature solitaire Collection, these beautiful rings set the standard for this iconic engagement ring shape, showcasing the pure beauty of your ethically-sourced diamond.

Wear your solitaire ring or give it as a symbol of your love, knowing that it’s been crafted by highly-skilled artisans. This capsule range of Michael Hill Solitaire rings are crafted in Australia from platinum or 18kt gold; with the platinum rings cast in Sydney and hand-finished in Michael Hill’s in-house Brisbane workshop, and the gold styles are crafted entirely in Brisbane.

Why not ensure that your forever ring leaves your conscience feeling just as clear as the diamond itself.

This capsule range is available across select stores in Australia, New Zealand and Canada as well as online, and further information can be found here at the Michael Hill Website