Ceremonial by Natalie Marie Jewellery

Drawing upon a decade of conversations with their community, ongoing refinement of their supply chain and creative experimentation, this year Natalie Marie Jewellery turned their gaze towards their ceremonial collection.

Ole Lynggaard X Partridge Jewellers

Established in 1963 by goldsmith and designer Ole Lynggaard, the eponymous brand has evolved into one of the world’s most successful and luxurious family businesses as well as a symbol of elegant bohemian fashion. And now you can experience it at Partridge Jewellers.

Learning about Lab Grown Diamonds with Futurae Diamonds

Born out of a love for the future and a passion for positive change, Futurae Diamonds is on a mission to create sustainable heirlooms that contribute to a better world. Diamonds have always been a symbol of luxury and eternal love, but their traditional mining process has come under scrutiny due to its environmental impact … Read more

Diamonds with Conscience

For many women, a solitaire diamond engagement ring is the most significant piece of jewellery she will ever own. An embodiment of love; it is commented upon, admired, worn every day, and like the wedding ring, is a constant reminder of the most important commitment in life to be made.