Ceremonial by Natalie Marie Jewellery

Drawing upon a decade of conversations with their community, ongoing refinement of their supply chain and creative experimentation, this year Natalie Marie Jewellery turned their gaze towards their ceremonial collection.

Serving as the heart of their conscious brand curation, the Ceremonial range has played a remarkable role in countless love stories and commitments over the past ten years.

Reflecting the ethos of Natalie Marie Jewellery to celebrate love and its ever-evolving forms, nuances, and shades, this renewed collection introduces new styles alongside beloved favourites.

Notably, for the first time, a crown band is available to perfectly complement each engagement ring.

This new chapter unveils the Una collection, featuring 62 variations of engagement rings with a carefully curated selection of stones, catering to diverse personal tastes. Accompanying this collection is a fresh assortment of thoughtfully designed wedding bands, ranging from elegantly simple signet styles to diamond-adorned bands.

Each piece can be adorned in the wearer’s preferred manner, either as a standalone statement or in stacked combinations. Just like love itself, the possibilities are endless, allowing for a personalized expression of individual taste and style.