Ceremonial by Natalie Marie Jewellery

Drawing upon a decade of conversations with their community, ongoing refinement of their supply chain and creative experimentation, this year Natalie Marie Jewellery turned their gaze towards their ceremonial collection.

Objects of Desire Issue 25

With sapphire blues and luxurious golds, Issue 25 Objects of Desire has us dreaming of treating ourselves this spring. This issue has dainty pieces perfect for your everyday “effortlessly minimalistic” look as well as gorgeous pieces your your special day.

Zoe & Morgan launches Ear Party collection


It wasn’t fancy dinners or rooftop margaritas that we missed the most during lockdown weekends but the joyous act of getting ready. Turning the music high… Decanting your make-up onto the vanity… Trying on (then taking off) a series of outfits until a pile of crumpled clothes spills from the bed…

Amélie George

A French, feminine influence of beauty and lustre intertwining with a sense of strength. Melbourne based bridal jewellery brand Amélie George strike a balance between traditional and modern elegance, with simple but luxurious statement pieces.