Zoe & Morgan launches Ear Party collection

Zoe & Morgan

It wasn’t fancy dinners or rooftop margaritas that we missed the most during lockdown weekends but the joyous act of getting ready.

Turning the music high… Decanting your make-up onto the vanity… Trying on (then taking off) a series of outfits until a pile of crumpled clothes spills from the bed…

Zoe & Morgan recognises that fun isn’t always found at lavish restaurants or cocktail bars but in the very excitement of making plans.

ear party zoe & morgan collection
Zoe & Morgan

So after the tough year we’ve all had, the Kiwi atelier has paid homage to the hours that take place before heading out the door in their new collection: ‘Ear Party’.

Zoe & Morgan

Each piece is designed to be mixed and matched with different shapes and styles on offer to reflect your personality. From dreamy triple diamond studs to dancing stars, there’s a party taking place – and you’re invited.

Zoe & Morgan

In keeping with Zoe & Morgan’s commitment to sustainable practices, each and every diamond has been responsibly crafted using recycled gold, aboveground diamonds and natural stones. 

Zoe & Morgan

Lovingly designed to find a permanent home in your everyday jewellery dish, these are pieces made to last a lifetime’s worth of spontaneous plans.  So, what’s on offer?

First up: the ‘Three Sisters’.

Zoe & Morgan

Consciously crafted using recycled 18k yellow gold, the dainty star hoops boast a grand total of 18 aboveground diamonds per earring.


The ‘Maia’ hoops

Those keen to play around with the collection, Zoe & Morgan recommends pairing them with the ‘Twinkle’ hoops (above left). Set amongst 26 diamonds, a little morning sparkle can be achieved in a mere matter of minutes.

The ‘Maia’ hoops (above right) are similar in style with a dazzling 2.3mm aboveground diamond in the very heart of each earring.

Zoe & Morgan

What’s particularly gorgeous about the Ear Party collection is the vast array of vibrant hues on offer.

The ‘Three Friends’ (above left) are designed to sit as a second or third piercing. As the name suggests, the miniature studs boast three stones which hug tightly together. Here to cheer up all-black autumn looks, they’re available in vivid blue sapphires, pink sapphires and green tsavorites.


The ‘Three Friends’

Another tempting choice for first, second or third piercings are the ‘Three Graces’. Again, they come in the same delightful trio of colourways – leaving us completely spoiled for choice!


The ‘Three Graces’

If you’re seeking hoops that never need to be taken out, may we divert your attention to the ‘Together’ and ‘Zaha’ designs.

Zoe & Morgan

The ‘Together’ hoops feature micro beading surrounded by 28 1mm aboveground diamonds on recycled 18k yellow gold.

Minimal brides, these are a great choice for ceremonies both big and small. Courtesy of their classic silhouette and style, they’ll carry you from your wedding date to honeymoon in one mighty chic swoop.


The ‘Together’ hoops

If you’re looking to make more of a statement, the ‘Zaha’ is the leader of the party pack. With a textured front, they’re similar to Zoe & Morgan’s popular ‘Isa’ and ‘Tasa’ hoops.

Zoe & Morgan

Bold enough to prove a conversation starter but beautifully wearable, they’ll look just as at home on the morning commute as they will on weekend brunch dates.


The ‘Zaha’ hoops

We have every intention of pairing ours with the Three Sisters as ever so beautifully demonstrated above.

After months spent in loungewear, we’re desperate to dress up and thanks to Zoe & Morgan, will be starting with our ears…

The collection is available in store and online from February 25th. Visit the Zoe & Morgan website to find out more.