Ole Lynggaard X Partridge Jewellers

Established in 1963 by goldsmith and designer Ole Lynggaard, the eponymous brand has evolved into one of the world’s most successful and luxurious family businesses as well as a symbol of elegant bohemian fashion. And now you can experience it at Partridge Jewellers.

We are delighted to announce that Partridge Jewellers is proudly the exclusive home Ole Lynggaard creations in New Zealand, a match made in opulent elegance. Within the esteemed walls of Partridge, the Ole Lynggaard collections await; expect to see the following Ole Lynggaard collections at Partridge Jewellers; Nature, Shooting Stars, leaves, snakes, Elephants, lotus, love, and life.

Drawing inspiration from organic forms, nature, and fluidity, Ole Lynggaard captures the essence of chic sophistication. With a remarkable heritage spanning nearly six decades, the Copenhagen-based brand upholds the principles of the Danish work-life balance.

The essence of creativity is perpetuated through generations, resulting in jewellery designs that embody the brand’s core values, which are family and a work-life balance. See below the Lynggaard family.

Our editor, Greta, had the privilege of attending the exclusive New Zealand launch of Ole Lynggaard at Partridge Jewellers, where she had the opportunity to meet prominent team members and grandaughter Katrine Lynggard, who currently works in Australasia for the brand.

Greta’s personal favourites for bridal and special occasions are the captivating pieces from the shooting star collection (see earrings and a ring above). Combining delicate aesthetics with a distinct fashion-forward flair, these exquisite adornments possess the remarkable ability to elevate any bride’s ensemble while also becoming cherished mementoes to be treasured long after the momentous occasion has passed.

For more information and to see more pieces visit Partridge Jewellers.

Launch event below. Imagery by Tim Marshell