Objects of Desire Issue #34

Spotlighting the exquisite jewellery featured in the Objects of Desire editorial of Issue 34, Together Journal presents anew a thoughtfully curated selection of essential pieces to enhance your festive wardrobe.

Four Words

Discover the magic of Four Words, a distinguished jewellery brand renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and bespoke designs.

Partridge Zodiac Collection

Introducing the ethereal marvel of the season: the Partridge Zodiac Collection, making its debut this Thursday, March 21st, to coincide with the celestial symphony of the Zodiac’s awakening.

Dean & Dust

Where detail and beauty collide into the luxurious world that is Dean & Dust. 

Zoë & Morgan

In Issue 33 of Together Journal, we learn more about Zoë & Morgan’s newest collection, Siempre Aroha, and what is at the heart of the beloved jewellery brand.

Objects of Desire Issue #33

Highlighting the beautiful jewellery showcased in the Objects of Desire editorial section of Issue 33, Together Journal once more offers a curated assortment of essential pieces to elevate your festive attire.

Ivy Shores

In the world of bridal jewellery, Ivy Shores stands as a beacon of artful design and contemporary romance. Founded by Katrina, Ivy Shores is a testament to her lifelong passion for jewellery and her dedication to creating pieces that resonate with the modern bride.

Found Treasure

Inspired by the ocean, Naomi Lewis is making waves with her fluid, minimalist jewellery. She explains how her intuitive love of texture and shape led her to launch her workshop in Cornwall.

Objects of Desire Issue #32

Spotlighting the exquisite jewellery featured in Issue 32’s Objects of Desire editorial section, Together Journal once again presents a selection of must-have items to enhance your celebration looks.

Amélie George Bridal – Issue #32

“Imagine a world where nature’s artistry takes centre stage, where imperfections are celebrated as unique signatures of beauty, and where each piece of jewellery tells a story of individuality,”