Zoe & Morgan are thrilled to present their latest collection, Niña Florestra – the daughter of the forest.

This collection took root amidst the depths of the Peruvian Amazon, where pencil met paper in a quaint Tambo nestled among fluttering butterflies and hummingbirds. Surrounded by towering trees and an expansive canopy, inspiration flourished.

Niña Florestra draws its inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of Peru and the enduring traditions of its indigenous communities. “In the absence of electricity, internet, or modern devices, I had only a pad of paper and a pencil. Every piece in this collection was born from the enchanting embrace of this lush environment,” shares Morgan, ZM designer, freshly returned from traversing the sacred valley on a motorbike and immersing in the world of textile weavers.

Introducing a novel texture in this line, myriad tiny pyramids glisten and gleam, catching the light with a mesmerising allure. Angular lines intersect to form shapes reminiscent of everything from space invaders to intricately woven textiles.

Reflecting on six weeks spent studying with indigenous wisdom keepers in Peru, Morgan shares a profound insight: stripped of the trappings of modern life, we are as untamed and liberated as the creatures of the jungle. Beneath layers of clothing and cosmetics, our essence mirrors the natural world surrounding us – pulsing with the same vitality and primal instincts.

Each piece in the collection draws its name from facets of Andean culture and geography. The Niña Stud and Necklace encapsulate the youthful femininity and organic allure evoked by the Spanish term “Niña,” while the Pisac Earrings and Necklace pay homage to the eponymous town celebrated for its Incan heritage and Andean craftsmanship. Symbolism intertwines delicately within each creation, mirroring the interconnectedness of humanity and the environment.

“Living in the city with our heads focused on screens, it’s easy to forget how wild and free we are by nature. That’s why we chose to shoot this collection with a focus on skin and the jewellery, in an environment that’s empty white space. At the end of the day when we remove all the layers of distraction, we have a chance to see ourselves as we actually are – living, breathing, wild, free, and powerful beautiful magical creatures who simply forgot that we are as wild and free as a jaguar or eagle.” Morgan 

May the essence of Niña Florestra accompany you on your journey, weaving a tale of love, kinship, and reverence for the natural world.

Key Gems:
White Zircon + Green Amethyst + Aquamarine + Chrome Diopside

See or @zoeandmorgan for more information.