Dean & Dust

Where detail and beauty collide into the luxurious world that is Dean & Dust

The fine jewellery and design house of Dean & Dust is home to 70 years of collective mastery that is ready to be infused into your bespoke design in order to create something especially for you. 

Alongside the brand’s bespoke service sits its ready-to-wear collection, curated and crafted from their hands to yours. This is all nestled within their boutique at Quayside Atelier. 

At the heart of Dean & Dust is their dedication to surpassing your every desire with a product & experience tailored exclusively to you. “We never touch anything with half our heart. Every Dean & Dust piece is a piece of us, made with love from our hearts to your hands.”

The brand’s artisans – guardians of tradition and innovation, blend fine craftsmanship with unparalleled expertise, curating timeless elegance that resonates in every meticulously selected gem & detail of their design. 

At Dean & Dust, you can indulge in the epitome of luxury because every aspect has been curated with your ultimate satisfaction in mind. Moreover, the jewellery house continuously works to improve its sustainability practices and uphold its environmental responsibility standards. This ensures that every Dean & Dust piece is produced with a genuine ethos for integrity and love for the people and the planet.

Dean & Dust invites you to step into a world of elegance and sophistication to embrace the bespoke journey, where passion converges with expertise, resulting in treasures that transcend time. 

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