Lost in Love New Zealand Elopements

Meet Kate and the passionate team behind “Lost In Love,” a group of elopement converts dedicated to crafting love stories against Queenstown’s breathtaking landscapes. Alongside her are Tom, the Elopement Photographer & Videographer, Ricky, the Photographer, and Ellie, the Elopement Visionary & Head Planner.

With a distinctive style described as fun, creative, atmospheric, and emotional, Lost In Love has curated over 1000 elopements in Queenstown’s natural wonders, capturing the essence of each couple’s unique love story. Every frame is carefully crafted to resonate with the couple’s energy. This ensures a visual narrative that reflects the depth of their connection.

The team at Lost In Love believes in letting couples get lost in the moment, not in the details. As wedding planners, they meticulously handle every aspect. This includes choosing locations and getting to know the couple as well as managing both the smallest touches and unforgettable experiences. The aim is to create an immersive experience, allowing couples to lose themselves in each other and the dreamscape backdrop of Queenstown.

One of Lost In Love’s unique offerings is Queenstown’s Best-Kept Secrets. With a team of passionate locals, they unveil the town’s hidden gems, providing couples with a one-of-a-kind wedding experience. Kate, a devoted Queenstown local, shares her insider knowledge, curating celebrations that go beyond the ordinary.

Founded on Kate’s personal journey, Lost In Love specializes in transforming dreams into reality. Born from her own wedding revelation, the company is the culmination of eight years of capturing love. Having experienced the simplicity and bliss of intimate weddings firsthand, the team gladly swaps seating-chart nightmares for helicopters to snow-capped mountains or remote waterfalls.

Lost In Love is thrilled to get lost in the moment with nature-loving, adventure-seeking couples, helping them live the intimate wedding dream against the world’s most stunning backdrop. After eight years of capturing countless weddings and elopements in Queenstown, Kate knew it was time to take her experience and passion for elopements to the next level, specializing in what lights her up and makes every moment feel unreal.

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