Lost in Love New Zealand Elopements

Meet Kate and the passionate team behind “Lost In Love,” a group of elopement converts dedicated to crafting love stories against Queenstown’s breathtaking landscapes. Alongside her are Tom, the Elopement Photographer & Videographer, Ricky, the Photographer, and Ellie, the Elopement Visionary & Head Planner.

Open Conversations: Bridget of The White Wedding Club

Today we are speaking to our lovely friend and stylist Bridget of The White Wedding Club. Based in the beautiful coastal town of Raglan and servicing many other locations throughout New Zealand, her styling collection is naturally inspired by the coast as well as her travels throughout Morocco, Europe, America, Bali and more! We also … Read more

Together Journal X An Organised Life

A magazine editor and a stationer walk into a café… and begin a collaboration that has resulted in one of the most fashionable and functional items you could ever hope to own. Introducing your chic new wedding planner.