Crane Brothers Designer Dinner

Crane Brothers Designer dinner

One of the annual highlights on our social calendar is the Crane Brothers Designer dinner.

This exclusive gathering brings together an assembly of New Zealand’s finest fashion designers, jewellers, stylists, and event planners. These creative minds either specialise in modern weddings or, along with their core business of fashion, also explore the realms of contemporary weddings and special occasions.

In the midst of our hectic work lives, it’s all too easy to become consumed by what it takes to run a business and forget to pause and appreciate the accomplishments within our industry. This event offers an opportunity to unwind, bask in the glow of collective achievements, and connect with friends who share our journey. The New Zealand fashion and design community is a close-knit and harmonious one, and the camaraderie, support, and friendships we foster are authentic and a highlight of the industry we work in.

The evening unfolded at one of Auckland’s most distinguished venues, the Northern Club—a place rich in tradition yet impressively contemporary. Guests were treated to a sumptuous four-course meal, expertly paired with hand-selected wines, all within the intimate setting of a private dining room. Following this delightful culinary journey, we adjourned to the Bankside bar, a more modern enclave still nestled within the club, where we savoured nightcaps that provided a fitting and heart-warming conclusion to our enchanting evening.

The Crane Brothers Designer dinner, presented in association with Together Journal, serves as an occasion to honour our fellow peers. It’s a moment to acknowledge the dedication and talent that permeates our field as a whole. More importantly, it provides us with a chance to unite, relish each other’s company, and revel in the unique bonds that make the New Zealand fashion and wedding sector so special.

Thank you to Murray Crane and the team at Crane Brothers for taking the initiative to design such a beautiful collaborative event and for always being the perfect hosts.

Imagery and film / @blackonblacknz