Lost in Love New Zealand Elopements

Meet Kate and the passionate team behind "Lost In Love," a group of elopement converts dedicated to crafting love stories against Queenstown's breathtaking landscapes. With over 1000 elopements captured, the Lost in Love elopement team's style is best described as fun, creative, atmospheric, and emotionally crafted. What sets Lost In Love apart? As elopement experts, they skillfully guide couples through crafting the perfect intimate celebration, allowing more time to focus on each other and get lost in the moment rather than the details. Kate, a devoted Queenstown local, shares the town's hidden gems, curating a truly unique celebration. Born from a personal wedding revelation, Lost In Love is a culmination of eight years of capturing love, offering a perfect setting for natural moments and electric love stories. Having experienced the simplicity and bliss of intimate weddings firsthand, the Lost In Love team gladly swaps seating-chart nightmares for helicopters to snow-capped mountains or remote waterfalls. They're thrilled to get lost in the moment with nature-loving, adventure-seeking couples, helping them live the intimate wedding dream against the world's most stunning backdrop.

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