4 Issue Digital Bundle 30+31+32+33

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Introducing our four-issue Together Journal digital bundle, save $6 by buying the bundle. Receive issues to read on your iPad, iPhone, SmartPhone or computer. And build on your collection in the future, too. Instant delivery and multi-device-friendly, so you have them on hand when meeting with planners and wedding brands. The perfect collection for the couple-to-be, industry experts and those who love weddings and occasions.

We are shocked and heartbroken by recent world events and the amount of death and destruction that is being unleashed upon innocent families. We have chosen to support two foundations whose purpose is to bring aid to innocent civilians and children. We hope you can join us in supporting these humanitarian causes.

You can obtain our four-issue digital bundle for no charge by using the code “I Donated” at checkout in exchange for a donation (of any dollar value) to Doctors without Borders or UNICEF.

We have supplied external links below, which will take you off our site and onto the foundation sites so you can directly and independently donate.

Doctors without Borders 

We trust that if you download a TJ digital magazine bundle (this product), check out with our donation code “I Donated” and access the digital magazine bundle for free, you will follow through and donate. It doesn’t have to be the full magazine bundle price, just what you can manage right now or feel is right.

Thank you. TJ x