Luke William Photo

Meet Luke William Photo, a Melbourne and Yarra Valley-based wedding and portrait photographer with a passion for capturing all kinds of love, in all kinds of interesting places! Luke has carved a niche for himself in the competitive field of wedding photography with his powerful storytelling skills.

Blue Imagery

Corinne Wilson’s philosophy through her work with Blue Imagery is simple yet profound: capturing real love naturally.

Bec Conroy

Meet Bec Conroy, a devoted mother and wife who is passionately dedicated to capturing the unique love stories of every couple she works with. 

Maryna Cherednikova

Maryna Cherednikova is a passionate photographer based in Sydney, Australia. She finds profound meaning in capturing the stories that unfold behind her lens. For her, each frame is a narrative waiting to be told, a moment frozen in time to be cherished forever.

Monique Maarschalk

Meet Monique Maarschalk, the talented wedding photographer who brings love stories to life through her captivating images. 

Oh My Beating Heart

Jordy, the creative force behind Oh My Beating Heart, is not just a wedding photographer – she’s a storyteller dedicated to capturing authentic love narratives.

Lost in Love New Zealand Elopements

Meet Kate and the passionate team behind “Lost In Love,” a group of elopement converts dedicated to crafting love stories against Queenstown’s breathtaking landscapes. Alongside her are Tom, the Elopement Photographer & Videographer, Ricky, the Photographer, and Ellie, the Elopement Visionary & Head Planner.

Renee Green

With a background in design and an inherent love for architecture, Renee Green’s unique perspective sets her apart in the world of photography.

Aly Marie Photography

Meet Aly Marie, the creative force behind Aly Marie Photography. Based in beautiful Melbourne, she is ready to capture love stories Australia-wide.