Zara Staples

Meet Zara Staples, a film-loving photographer, and creative planner who has weaved her own magic in the wedding photography business.

For the past eight years, Zara Staples has been carving a niche for herself in the realm of intimate celebrations and elopements. Zara’s unique approach to wedding photography resonates with couples who seek a more personalized and creative touch on their big day.

Zara’s specialty lies in smaller, more intimate weddings where she can closely collaborate with couples to bring their vision to life. “I’ve found myself partial to smaller celebrations and elopements,” Zara shares. “I love to closely plan days with couples. I want to highlight how creative you can be for your wedding day and you don’t have to fit the norm!” This ethos of breaking away from traditional wedding norms is at the heart of Zara’s work, allowing couples to feel like their authentic selves and express their love story uniquely.

Moreover, her approach to photography is deeply personal. Zara strives to build a connection with her clients, ensuring that they feel like friends. This approach is crucial for capturing natural, candid moments.

As a true artist, Zara shoots using a blend of 35mm, medium format, and Super 8 film, alongside digital photography. Her passion for film photography is a defining element of her style. “Film photography is a medium that requires patience, skill, and creativity. The imperfections and nuances of film create a depth and richness that can’t be achieved with a simple click of a button,” Zara explains. The tactile process of developing film—from loading the roll to seeing the final print—adds a layer of satisfaction and reward to her work.

Adding to her creative prowess, Zara collaborates with her partner, Jared, who brings his expertise in videography. Together, they produce stunning Super 8 or VHS highlight films. “We direct these videos together, making it a collaborative effort so the style and vibes match with your photos,” Zara notes.

While Zara is based in Auckland from November to May, she also heads overseas to London from mid-May to October for destination weddings in Europe, the UK, and nearby. Wherever she goes, Zara Staples brings a fresh, creative, and deeply personal touch to wedding photography. Her dedication to capturing raw authentic emotions makes her the perfect choice for couples looking to immortalize their love story in a unique and meaningful way.

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