SJR Media Co

Meet Sam, the creative force behind SJR Media Co, a photographer and filmmaker whose passion for the craft transcends mere imagery.

Based in Newcastle, NSW, Sam is a photographer and filmmaker with a knack for storytelling. His journey into the wedding industry is one paved with dedication and artistic exploration. After years as a creative director in a nationwide studio, he struck out on his own to find his unique style. 

At SJR Media Co, Sam specializes in both photography and videography, seamlessly blending the two mediums to craft captivating narratives. With a select group of friends forming a tight-knit circle, Sam orchestrates dual bookings, infusing each project with a personal touch and shared creative energy.

Weddings hold a special place in Sam’s heart, serving as both muse and obsession for over eight years. Recognizing the fleeting nature of such momentous occasions, Sam endeavors to capture the magic of couples’ big days. 

Describing his style as “dreamy” and “cinematic,” Sam evokes a sense of nostalgia and wonder reminiscent of a half-remembered dream or a scene from a beloved film. He draws inspiration from the whimsical worlds of Wes Anderson and the timeless elegance of Vogue, making his work a delightful mix of both.

In a world where trends come and go, Sam’s art remains timeless. Each shot he takes is an invitation to savor life’s beauty—to pause and appreciate the here and now.

Through his lens, Sam invites us to see the world as he does: full of wonder, love, and endless possibilities. With SJR Media Co, he’s not just capturing moments; he’s creating memories that last a lifetime.

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