Aleisha Edwards Weddings

Aleisha Edwards Weddings is a Brisbane-based photography and videography team that shoots weddings all over Australia. Led by the passionate Aleisha Edwards, the small team believes in the power of diverse memories, skillfully using both 35mm film and digital formats to immortalize special moments.

Aleisha Edwards, the heart and soul behind the brand, has a profound passion for celebrating love through her work.

“I take great pride in creating authentic and timeless images that perfectly capture the essence of a couple’s most special day,” she shares. This philosophy shines through in every image and video, as the team strives to create a comfortable environment where couples can truly enjoy their day. This approach results in the stunningly candid imagery that Aleisha Edwards Weddings is known for.

The team’s expertise isn’t limited to photography. Recently, they expanded their services to include videography, seamlessly integrating it into their unique style. With Eliza joining as the lead videographer, they now offer a range of options, from fun highlight videos to feature films. These additions ensure that couples receive a visually cohesive collection of memories that beautifully narrate their wedding day.

Aleisha Edwards Weddings is also supported by Aleisha’s sister, Melissa, who plays a crucial role behind the scenes as the accounts and admin assistant. Melissa’s meticulous organization ensures that the business runs smoothly, allowing the creative team to focus on capturing breathtaking moments.

The team’s dedication to excellence is evident not just in their work but also in their client interactions. “By choosing us to be a part of your big day, you can be confident that we will prioritize your comfort and ensure that everyone involved has a fun and enjoyable experience. Our goal is to capture those incredible moments so you can relive them for the rest of your lives together through your wedding photos and videos,” Aleisha emphasizes. 

In an exciting development, Aleisha Edwards will be based in Europe for 2025 and 2026, offering her exceptional services to a broader audience. 

Finally, Aleisha Edwards Weddings stands out not just for their technical prowess but for their heartfelt approach to storytelling. Each photo and video is a testament to their belief in capturing love in its most genuine form, ensuring that every couple’s special day is remembered with timeless beauty and joy.

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