Emma Hampton Photography

Emma Hampton, a seasoned wedding and portrait photographer based in Sydney, has mastered the art of capturing the unseen beauty in fleeting moments. With a career spanning over a decade, Emma’s work reflects her commitment to authentic and honest storytelling.

Growing up in the picturesque landscapes of country New South Wales, Emma’s early experiences shaped her photography style. The interplay of light and nature, as observed in the daily dance of sunshine across hilltops, became ingrained in her work from the very beginning.

Emma’s journey as a professional photographer has been marked by over 200 weddings. This has earned her recognition with regular features in diverse publications. Her dream of turning her passion into a career has become a reality. Moreover, Emma’s dedication is evident from start to finish when you book her services.

One of the most touching compliments Emma has received speaks volumes about her approach to her craft. A bride once referred to her as the “bridesmaid she didn’t know she needed,” highlighting Emma’s ability to provide comfort and calm in moments of stress.

Beyond weddings, Emma has become a trusted presence for families. Her work has allowed her to cover a spectrum of milestones from engagements to newborn and family shoots. In the spirit of an old-fashioned family photographer, Emma takes pride in being a constant, capturing the evolving narratives of her clients.

Described as calm and uncomplicated, Emma’s success can be attributed not only to her demeanor but also to the quality of her photographs. Gracious, cool, calm, and collected are words often used to depict her. Emma’s unique approach involves making clients feel comfortable and at ease. This allows Emma’s clients to be themselves in front of the camera. Her attentive and observant nature shines through, as she captures genuine smiles, laughter, and affection without intruding on the natural flow of the moment.

While Emma is based in Sydney, her willingness to travel for the right opportunity reflects her dedication to her craft. Whether documenting weddings or capturing family milestones, Emma Hampton’s photography is characterized by a genuine passion for storytelling and an unobtrusive approach that puts her clients at ease.

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