Wilson & Lewis Photography

Meet Wilson & Lewis Photography which is composed of the dynamic duo Tereza and Tony. 

As a couple deeply in love and passionate about their craft, Tereza and Tony have seamlessly integrated their personal and professional lives. The duo takes on different roles in their line of work. Tony focuses on capturing moments on video while Tereza skillfully freezes them in time through her photography. Together, they spend their days side by side, editing at matching desks, and reveling in the joy of working as a team.

Before venturing into the world of weddings, Tony has a strong music background and has experience photographing bands and musicians. Meanwhile, Tereza has a background in film and theatre. As such, her past work involved taking headshots for actors and performers. Their first collaborative wedding documentation in 2012 marked the beginning of a dedicated pursuit. Finally, this led them to transition into full-time wedding photography in 2016. For the duo, this was a decision that they never regretted.

Tereza and Tony continuously draw inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty of South Australia. Their photo and video style reflect the lush greenery and stunning scenery that surround them. Moreover, having moved from the bustling urban landscape of London, they made a conscious vow never to take the abundance of nature for granted. This is why they love showcasing its splendor in their work, including the mesmerizing sunsets unique to Adelaide.

Wilson & Lewis Photography is not just about capturing images; it’s about creating an enjoyable and stress-free experience for every couple they work with. Their commitment to their clients goes beyond the lens. That is to say, the duo often offers unlimited contact time and assistance with planning. Additionally, they also act as a supportive sounding board for creative ideas. On the wedding day itself, they aim to infuse laughter, positivity, and support into every moment.

All in all, we want it to feel like old friends with cameras have come along to the wedding – not some stuffy, serious photographers,” Tereza and Tony share.

Certainly, the heart of their mission lies in the profound impact they make on couples, families, and future generations. Preserving invaluable memories through their photos and videos exactly does that. For Tereza and Tony, the ability to use their creative talents to capture and immortalize these significant life stories is a reward beyond compare. Truly, the warm-hearted satisfaction derived from their work surpasses any other professional endeavor they have undertaken. 

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