Issue 34 Lovely Things

In this edition of Lovely Things, you’ll find the newest releases and assortments from beloved brands alongside intriguing additions deserving of your interest!

Prepare to be captivated by the most current trends and timeless fashion statements!

ABOVE: Making minimalistic magic with Laing | Smoke and mirrors with Arquiste at World Brand | Spot you later with Emma Lewisham | Glow getter with Da Vinci Clinic

ABOVE: One giant leap with Kowtow | All about balance with Aesop | The biggest flex with FLUIDFORM

ABOVE: Back to the future with Gloria

ABOVE: Outlander with Karen Walker and Outland Denim | Paint the town red with Christian Louboutin | Feeling virtuous with The Virtue | At the heart of it with Karen Walker

ABOVE: Glide away with Kayu Studio | In bloom with Juliette Hogan | Ahead of the pack with New Balance | Gut feel with Jeuneora

ABOVE: Holiday haven with Kayu Casa by Airbnb | A personal touch with Guerlain | Rich tapestry with Weave

ABOVE: Love story with LVR Bridal | Refillers are winners with Raaie | Sensory perception with Aesop