Neo Classico Styled Editorial

A Photo Shoot Inspired by Neo-Romanticism: An Ode to Timeless Beauty

Every year, the Ruban Collectif team comes together to propose its vision of weddings, with new ideas and desires and a different artistic direction to break the mould and make your wedding a unique and memorable celebration.

Discover our Neo classic shoot, where the ribbon takes center stage.

Working with a talented team of creatives, we’ve captured the essence of this artistic movement imbued with passion and mystery.

In this shoot, we explore timeless themes of love, melancholy and escapism, fusing them with a captivating modern aesthetic.

Deep, rich colors, luxurious textures and subtle light effects create an enchanting atmosphere that transports the viewer into a world of reverie and wonder. The sumptuous décor of this art deco home evokes a romantic landscape, while the clothes and accessories reflect the opulence and sensuality of neo-romanticism.

STYLIST & ON-THE-DAY COORDINATOR Nabie Studio, @nabie_studio PHOTOGRAPHER An Lalemant, @an.lalement MODELS Juliette Vicens, @juliette.vicens FLORAL Atelier Césarine, @atelier_cesarine HAIR Eglantine Reigniez, @eglantinereigniez DA & SET DESIGN Nabie Studio, @nabie_studio PAPETERIE Papier & Co, @papier_and_co CHURROS RUBAN Hungry Belly, @hungrybelly.biarritz TABLEWARE Octopuce, @octopuces ACCESSORIES Mira Dore, @miradore_world TEAM Ruban Collectif, @rubancollectif