Renee Green

With a background in design and an inherent love for architecture, Renee Green’s unique perspective sets her apart in the world of photography.

Renee Green, a skilled wedding and portraits photographer based in South East Queensland, Australia, brings a wealth of creative experience to her craft. Her skills have transcended borders, capturing moments from the vast landscapes of Australia to the bustling streets of New York.

With a distinct perspective shaped by her design roots, Renee stands out among photographers. Her keen eye for architecture and design allows her to approach photography differently. A great example of this is how she incorporates the venues seamlessly into the story of her client’s special day.

Unlike many photographers, Renee takes a personalized approach to her work. She tailors her photography style to each couple, ensuring that it authentically reflects their unique relationship. Her method combines documentary, candid, and editorial styles. This allows her to create a visual story that is not only timeless but also tailored to the individual tastes of the couple.

For Renee, the emphasis on design and guest experiences is pivotal. Her clientele shares a preference for events that break away from the conventional, often opting for new venues or unconventional twists on traditions. “I love photographing events that are different from the usual. Either at a new venue or changing up traditions,” she notes.

In addition to her digital offerings, Renee provides 35mm film packages. This option adds a touch of nostalgia and artistic flair to her repertoire. Moreover, it resonates with those who appreciate the timeless and classic aesthetics of film photography.

Ever expanding her reach, Renee Green is also open to international bookings. Her reputation for capturing the essence of couples in a way that is both authentic and visually appealing has led to a demand that extends beyond borders. Whether it’s an intimate gathering in her home country or a destination wedding in a far-flung locale, Renee’s skill set and adaptable approach make her a sought-after photographer for couples worldwide.

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