Objects of Desire Issue #34

Spotlighting the exquisite jewellery featured in the Objects of Desire editorial of Issue 34, Together Journal presents anew a thoughtfully curated selection of essential pieces to enhance your festive wardrobe.

ABOVE: 01 Everyday twist hoops by La Dailie 02 Diamond crest and window ring by Hamish Munro 03 Siena earrings by Amélie George Bridal 04 Bote earpiece by Adorn from Sisters & Co 05 Classic trio diamond ring by Natalie Marie 06 Bespoke Australian parti sapphire ring by Found Treasure 07 Bespoke diamond ring by Found Treasure

ABOVE: 08 Matilda gold pearl drop earrings by Amélie George Bridal 09 Miško ring with Australian argyle champagne diamond by Miško 10 Ava ring by Zoë & Morgan 11 Bella ring by McClurgs 12 Mixed sapphire and diamond rings by Grew & Co 13 Custom East-West diamond ring by McClurgs 14 Aria pear engagement ring by Sarah & Sebastian 15 Ocean diamond solitaire ring by Found Treasure

ABOVE: 16 Illume ring by Temple of the Sun 17 Rainbow band by Partridge Jewellers 18 Heart bow bracelet by Karen Walker 19 Sway cluster sky blue sapphire ring by Bario Neal 20 Fleur earrings by Zoë & Morgan 21 Heart bow earrings by Karen Walker 22 Helix band by Black Finch 23 Lauren ring by EF Studios 24 True Love ring by Karen Walker

ABOVE: 25 Zaha toi et moi ring by Cushla Whiting 26 Stacker rings by Bario Neal 27 Sapphire and diamond rings by Cushla Whiting 28 Rockefeller diamond mosaic ring by Berlinger 29 Star huggies by Porter Jewellery from Sisters & Co 30 Lara toi et moi engagement ring by Kavalri

ABOVE: 31 Diamond ceremonial and orbit rings by Louise Jean 32 Diamond stacker rings by Louise Jean 33 Thea crystal pearl earrings by Lola Knight 34 Golden diamond ring by Cassandra Mamone 35 Gold rings and bracelet by Kinn 36 Bambusa ring by White November 37 Ole Lynggaard Lotus ring from Partridge Jewellers

ABOVE: 38 The Lovers ring set by EF Studios 39 Laya pear Diamond ring by Kate & Kole 40 Romeus heart pendant by Monarc Jewellery 41 Signature marquise solitaire ring by Leil 42 In the deep black + wide angled diamond rings by Emma Jane Donald 43 Toi et moi diamond ring by Grew & Co

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