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April is my favourite time of year. The leaves begin to change and the light takes on a golden hue. The intense summer heat cools down, but we still enjoy warm, settled days with cooler mornings and evenings. It’s a great time to get married!
Whenever you choose to marry, our aim is to inspire you with the joyous celebrations in this issue. Trends for vibrant colors and the fusion of wedding and fashion continue, helping to make weddings not only stylish but sustainable: this movement encourages you to wear your outfits and accessories again and again, offering a beautiful way to commemorate your special day well into the future.
Fashion takes centrestage in this issue as we present informative stories from leaders in menswear, bridesmaids’ attire, and occasion fashion. We’re particularly thrilled to announce the official launch of Caitlin Crisp Bridesmaids! With a collection tailored to their top requests, designer Caitlin Crisp offers bridesmaids the perfect blend of coordination and individuality (page 26). And join us in celebrating Caitlin’s own wedding to Andrew on page 58.
This issue, we also give you insight into one of New Zealand’s most beloved menswear brands, Working Style. Founder Chris Dobbs has spent almost 40 years providing clients with bespoke attire, and that experience means he recognises not only the cost-per-wear value of a made-to-measure suit, but also the priceless confidence it gives you at every significant occasion.
Another wedding industry icon, Katie Yeung revolutionised bridal fashion by offering larger-sized gowns that went beyond the usual, narrow set of silhouettes. Renowned for her expertise in designing for curvaceous women, she discusses her dedication to meeting the needs of brides on page 36. And naturally, we’ve also handpicked our own selections of fashion, gifts, jewels, and more. We trust this issue brings you delight and adds a touch of fun to your wedding or event planning journey.
Aroha nui Greta and the TJ team