Our editor Greta is reflecting on the latest collection by AMÉLIE GEORGE now that it’s been out in the market below. See below her favourite pics for weddings and occasions.

Elevated by ethereal textures and the intricate nuances of art deco architecture, É M E R V E I L L E R presents a distinguished collection of pearl and crystal wedding accessories. Each piece is meticulously designed and crafted to evoke an aura of contemporary elegance and subtle opulence.

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The assemblage showcases pearl bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, delicately adorned with glistening crystals and lustrous pearls. Handcrafted pearl hairpieces impart a whimsical charm to any bridal hairstyle, while minimalist pearls and crystal veils offer a discreet yet striking finishing touch.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating interplay of light and shadow, this collection exemplifies design mastery. True to Amelie George’s design philosophy, bold minimalist forms are contrasted with intricate textures and detailing, culminating in an array of timeless and modern pieces.

The É M E R V E I L L E R collection is a celebration of classic design infused with a contemporary twist, paying homage to the enduring allure of pearl and crystal embellishments, and encapsulating the enchantment that arises when dreams and design coalesce.

Photographer Jessica Lee Witkamp / Hair & Makeup Samantha Lee Makeup / Dresses Shona Joy and Grace Loves Lace / Model Harmony Butcher  / Video – I Hate Kuz

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Visit the AMÉLIE GEORGE TJ Boutique Brands Directory here