A Summer Dessert with Cote

Perfect for summer gatherings, this indulgent dessert created by Cote embodies the essence of warm, sun-kissed days and convivial moments. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or an elegant soirée, Cote’s Summer Coconut Pavlova promises to elevate your celebrations with a taste of Kiwi culinary artistry.

A Trio of Lemon Butter & Raspberry Wedding Cakes

Categories: Food + Drink-A Trio of Lemon Butter & Raspberry Wedding Cakes

If you’re thinking about making your own DIY wedding cake, it’s best to keep it simple, beautiful and rustic. It needn’t send you into a cold sweat creating what will be your proudest baking memory! This classic butter cake recipe makes delicious, tender cakes guaranteed to please a crowd. I’ve added lemon zest and berries … Read more