The Cake Table


Nothing says sweet decadence like a table set with a delicious confection of cakes and flowers.

Multiple cakes in different flavours, heights and sizes not only caters to more tastebuds but also increases visual impact. This table features a layered lemon and almond cake, a two-tier raspberry, rose and vanilla cake and a three-tier blueberry and white chocolate cake, all with a vanilla bean cream cheese icing scraped back for a beautiful vintagey feel and to allow a peek at the beautiful cake inside.

Use flowers, crushed pistachios or freeze-dried berries for texture and colour. Imperfections are the new perfect – there’s nothing nicer than a reminder your cake was made with love by hand – so embrace humble shapes, rough edges and personal touches.

Finally, don’t be shy with table decoration, from fresh or dried flowers and foliage or a mix, some contained in your favourite vases and the rest scattered across the table.





Cakes: Jordan Rondel at The Caker
Photography: Aimee Finlay
Flora & Styling: Antonia at Markantonia
Shot at: St Clements