The Facialist: Winter Glow Facial in a Box

The Facialist’s sought-after Facial in a Box has made a limited, seasonal return! If your skin is suffering this winter, this is the perfect way to restore your glow.

Each season, the team at The Facialist create a customised Facial in a Box to nurture the skin through the change of season. This winter, Founder Ashleigh Scott has curated the Winter Glow Facial Box to be a restorative and nourishing treatment, designed to restore a winter radiance that the cooler weather can play havoc with. 

As the temperature drops, and the moisture falls from the air our skin can be left feeling dull and dehydrated. This Facial Box is the antidote; a luxurious treatment to ensure that your glow is restored. Specially curated to include the award-winning clay mask from MV Skintherapy; a wonderful mineral drink from the outside in. A truly transformative The Facialist experience that will leave your skin feeling soft and radiant. 

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Each Facial box will include a complimentary house-designed facial mask brush and ceramic dish set, sure to bring the spa vibes to your home facial. The mask brush not only feels delightful against the skin on application but ensures even product distribution. The ceramic dish makes a great sink-side companion for precious tidbits (like rings) when not in use for your skincare rituals.

 With enough product for at least three facial treatments, customised to nurture your skin through the change of season. All products in the facial box are the products the Facialist team uses in-salon for their facials, so you’re getting a truly powerful treatment for your skin. 

The Facialist has put together this customised facial box so you can turn your bathroom into a haven of your own. Make deliberate space to come back to yourself. Light a candle, brew a delicious herbal tea and flick on our specially curated Spotify playlist.

Indulge the skin, or buy it as a thoughtful and luxurious gift to a friend.

The Facialist Summer Skintox release in March sold out in 90 minutes, and while they have increased supply, crafting the boxes is a true labour of love and stock is limited. So make sure you don’t miss out! The Facial Box is $129 available from Sunday 3 July 7.30 pm shop via