The Peach Club

Meet The Peach Club, a vibrant bridal hair and makeup team known for bringing a fresh approach to weddings in Tamaki Makaurau, New Zealand. 

With over 20 years in the beauty industry, founder Danielle Falconer shares her inspiration for The Peach Club as well as insights into wedding trends for 2024. Read more below in this exclusive Q&A feature and stay tuned for exciting plans from Danni herself.

Tell us a little about The Peach Club and how it came about?

Peach is a bridal hair and makeup team which makes the logistics of larger bookings a seamless experience, giving you the security of having a team of skilled artists at your disposal – lots of support and backup on the off chance something happens.

I started Peach on mat leave with my then 6 week old and the team aspect was a natural progression. I went from working with a few likeminded pals, to full recruitment and education for over ten amazing team members and a head of makeup who has become a integral part of Peach.

How long have you been in the beauty and bridal industry and what made you take up this career path?

When I started thinking about Peach I was in my 20th year of hairdressing. I loved the bridal world but a lot of what I saw was dated, cheesy branding and I wanted to bring something a bit more fun and fashion forward to our brides here in Tamaki Makaurau. Something unique to the NZ bride!

What do you love most about what you do?

Sounds cliche but it’s truly the people, following their lives past the marriage is always really awesome – kicking goals together as couples, babies, houses, travel – it’s a really fun time of life to meet people.

Any artists, musicians, writers, creatives etc. who inspire or influence you?

Libby Haines is an amazing Melbourne artist I love – a mother who changed her direction in life and created her own career through her art on Instagram; that’s pretty awesome and her work is beautiful and fun. I’m mostly inspired by people breaking the 9-5 now and just finding a different lifestyle for their families in this economy.

When I first started hairdressing I was advised I was better suited to being a receptionist – comical given I’m dyslexic but my motivation kind of grew from there, true to my nature as a child! Tell me not to do something and I’m going to do it 10 x over and those are the people who have inspired my career, those willing to push through and carve their own path – such as Richard Kavanagh, Ben Martin – and I also can’t stop watching Pat McGrath’s latest runway work for Maison Margiela!

Where do you see wedding trends heading over the coming wedding season?

Trends I think are turning back to the individual preference. We are seeing a lot of colour, mismatched palettes, also monotones. I feel the beauty of a NZ bride is she often just carves her own path and we are here for it!

Hair wise I’m loving the return of the updo. Glam waves seem to be taking a back seat this season and I quietly feel it’s about time! The tucked glam is a staple for the hair down bride and sleek nape buns, French twists and midi’s are making a big comeback.

Makeup wise while we do love a trend (thank you 90’s & latte makeup), the focus for Peach is always bringing the best out in each individual. With that said, makeup is heading that way for 2024 too – naturally balancing features rather than over-correcting them, leaning in to texture and enhancing natural radiance with cream products as well as strategic use of powders. Strip lashes and extensions will take a back seat with individual lashes taking over to elevate eye shapes. Softer glams and your best ever skin!

Any plans or ideas for the future that you would like to share?

We have so many amazing things in the works for Peach. I think the most immediate one to watch for is our Peach soirees – where you can book to learn a quick hair and makeup style you can do yourself – guided by us and enjoy a chili marg in the process.

Learn more at and @thepeach_club. Explore The Peach Club on the Together Journal Online Directory.