With limited physical gatherings and many couples having to postpone, there really is no better time to be plan, plan, planning that wedding! We thought we would take this opportunity to help the couples who have had to postpone their wedding or those who are newly engaged to plan the perfect future wedding. Using our Together Journal X An Organised Life wedding planner of course…

If you haven’t yet read the first part of our wedding planner series, click here to read about our dream plan, budget, guests and venues sections.

For over a year, our very own Together Journal editor Greta Kenyon and An Organised Life founder Beck Wadworth bought their combined skills together to design and develop the most innovative, modern and relevant wedding planner for the modern couple. Both successful entrepreneurs, neither Greta nor Beck do things by halves, and the perfectionist pair considered every last detail in creating this ultimate planning guide. The TJ X AOL Wedding Planner was released in July last year and has quickly become known as the wedding planning tool you simply cannot do without.

The TJ X AOL Wedding Planner is a stylish compendium featuring timings, checklists and tips galore. There are functional tabs, title pages for each section, gold spiral binding, black end pages and a neat little back pocket. Visually pleasing yet highly practical, its 14 sections provide everything you need to arrange your day with less stress, not forgetting the occasions before and after. And unlike other wedding planners on the global market, this one is suitable for a diverse audience and all types of couples and unions.

If you are still to read the first part in our wedding planner series click here, otherwise continue reading below for details on the next four sections in our TJ X AOL Wedding Planner.

Food & Drinks:

We’ve found that when it comes to what your guests will likely remember the most about your wedding day, food and drinks are always one of the first to come to mind. Food is what connects and brings people together and there are so many small details to think about when making decisions on your catering. Some of these details may include what foods are available, how you can cater to dietary requirements and how your food will be served. Our TJ X AOL Wedding Planner includes tips on catering to guest numbers, creating your dream menu and planning seasonally to name a few. We’ve included plenty of space for you to write down your own notes as well as for research and planning with potential caterers and any menu testing appointments you may have booked.


Likewise with food and drink, your music and entertainment is also one of those things that your guests will remember for years to come and it just so happens to be the next section in our planner. This section begins with space to write down what songs are most special to you as couple. These may be some of the songs that you use as guests are arriving before your ceremony, as you walk down the aisle and for your first dance. We think it is so important to choose a style of music that you love and one that reflects your personalities whether that be a band, a soloist or a DJ. Our planner gives you plenty of space for research and planning where you can collate options and note down any appointments.

Photography and Videography:

We know that your photographer is likely one of the first vendors you book in while planning your wedding, often as many photographers are booked out up to a year or more in advance. That is of course, because photos and videos are what capture all of the special moments of your wedding day and what you can hold on to and share for the rest of your lives together. Our planner features so many helpful tips on finding the right photographer to suit your style, making the most of the changing light throughout the day and creating checklists for your photographer as well as plenty more!

We also believe that having a videographer at your wedding is one of the most valuable elements to add to your day and your future memories. There really is nothing quite like seeing the greatest parts of your wedding day in full motion months and years afterwards – it truly does bring all of the incredible feelings and emotions straight back. This is why we have included an abundance of space for you to research your photography and videography vendors and have also included two full pages for you to develop your checklist to provide to both, ensuring your day runs as smoothly as possible.

Flowers & Styling:

The next section in our planner is one of our personal favourites, your flowers and styling. This is where you can get creative and plan all of those special details that are unique to you as a couple. In terms of flowers our planner gives you some great tips and ideas to think about such as checking what flowers are in season and keeping your flowers fresh. We would also recommend finding out what fits into your floral budget and focusing on or limiting yourself to some statement florals within your budget such as a bountiful bridal bouquet and arch rather than spreading your budget too thin. Flowers really do add such a beautiful touch to your day and they provide a wonderful pop of colour and texture in your photos and can even create a memorable experience for your guests.

The overall styling of your wedding is also an incredibly important aspect of your wedding day to plan. This is what sets the style and vibe for your day and communicates your personalities and what you love with your guests. Our planner covers an abundance of styling aspects for you to consider such as special lighting, activities for guests and unique features. We also encourage you to consider the environment while planning your styling and to buy thoughtfully. We’ve included six pages for you to develop a moodboard and your ideas. The spiral binder means that you can add in magazine clippings and images or fabric swatches with plenty of room for your planner to expand as you get further and further into planning. There is also a section for you to add in potential vendors, pricing and any appointments you have booked.

The sections we have covered off today have so much more within and there are still six more sections to go! This planner will change your planning process dramatically and allow you to relax and enjoy the process knowing that nothing will be forgotten. Keep an eye out for our next TJ X AOL Wedding Planner feature where we will cover the remaining six sections.

You can purchase the planner here in black or ecru with a complimentary copy of Together Journal issue 19 as well as An Organised Life notebook and pen while stocks last.

Planner imagery by Greta Kenyon and portraits by Ana Sunday-Tanedo