Together Journal’s top tips for writing your vows

Whether you’re taking quotes from Channing Tatum in ‘The Vow’ or penning your own poetic, romantic words, we could all probably use a little help when it comes to writing vows.

We’ve spoken to long time Together Journal friend and New Zealand celebrant, Swami Yogamani Saraswati to bring you her tips and insights. With over 40 years of passion for love and life, she’s experienced more vows than you could ever imagine and specialises in weddings from traditional to contemporary, simple to informal, from the kiwi back-yarder to the sophisticated, couture, red-carpet occasion. Continue reading below for all of the advice you need to put pen to paper and tick writing vows off your list…

Photography: Newfound

Authenticity, sincerity and originality are all great starting points when it comes to writing wedding vows. Always own your authentic truth, come from the heart and keep it bespoke. You be you. It is an opportunity to bring in the feels and the funnies with a sincere heart.

Photography: Ashleigh Haase

Consider what your hearts want to deeply express to each other, what qualities and values in your partner inspire you. Why are you taking the next step with this amazing person and choosing life with them, what do your hopes, dreams and commitments for the future together look like. Certainly allow yourself ample time to really consider, and have total clarity without rushing. This is an integral part of your wedding ceremony.

Photography by Georgia Verrells

Swami says – “Many of my couples don’t know the others vows until during their wedding ceremony, which makes for and incredibly heart melt moment for all.”

“Personally I think its quite lovely to hand write vows on special cards, then their vows can be revisited on their wedding anniversaries together. I actually do this myself, and it transports me straight back to that very sacred moment in time, surrounded by my beloveds reminding me of how blessed I am to be walking with my darling husband through this precious sacred life together.”

Swami Yogamani Saraswati

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