Together Loves – Barkers Suiting

With so many quality and unique pieces to choose from to suit your wedding style, Barkers Suiting are one of our favourite menswear brands. And, with their recent re-development and inclusion of ZQ Merino, they have shown a commitment to protecting our natural environment which is an inspiring step in the New Zealand fashion industry. We think it’s pretty great that you can find your perfect wedding suit and be supporting positive environmental practices.

Barkers have recently re-engineered their core suit offering, purposely designing it from the inside out to bring you the best in high-performance tailoring. Their suits are woven from high quality, soft and synthetic free New Zealand ZQ merino wool perfectly regulating your temperature with added stretch shoulder panels for extra comfort, ease and the ultimate wear-ability. 

ZQ Merino® is more than just a fibre, it’s an ecosystem, created as a means to protect the environment, the wellbeing of the animals and the livelihoods of the growers. Along with animal welfare, ZQ growers are held to standards that demand the best for environmental practices by helping them to create a land environment plan. This outlines how their individual property will be managed, including water quality and local biodiversity, in order to mitigate any negative impacts. It is supported by data evaluating resource requirements and quantifying the environmental impacts over its lifetime. 

You can view Barkers new core suit range here, and find out more about ZQ merino here.

Pictured Suit: Mayfair ZQ, Available in Black and Navy – $599.99