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We recently discovered the work of Darcy Bly and its too good not to share. Darcy’s is a highly trained graduate from film school and has always had a passion for capturing lives and adventure in motion. Her work is cinematic, creative, emotive and real. Based in California but open to all destinations and especially keen to film in New Zealand. Read on to find out more about this very talented lady…

Tell us about what you do and how it came about:

I remember the first time I got my hands on a full size VHS camcorder in 4th grade. I was shooting music videos to my favorite songs, asking my friends to do crazy stuff because I needed talent, & building weird props around town. It didnt really make sense to me at the time why I felt compelled to do that. About a year after I graduated film school in 2011, it hit me. Making motion pictures has always been my calling. And because I love people, telling their stories is my passion. And the music ties it all together. I shoot candidly and edit cinematically to create custom handmade movies.

Categories: Inspiration, Weddings-Together Loves Darcy Bly

What makes you and your work unique:

I recognize the power of video. And I appreciate the rawness in every present moment. Weaving that together through capturing the day in constant motion and editing it to create a custom one-of-a-kind movie is my life’s work.

The creative process, every step of the way, has me moving and shaking and smiling. I feel what I do is important because I’ve seen couples cry happy tears!

Shotgun Railroad Wedding :|: Sabina + Oscar from Darcy Bly on Vimeo.

Any career dreams or aspirations you would like to share:

I aspire to meet couples from all over the world and capture their lovestories in an artistic way. I relish in the idea that culturally all weddings are celebrated differently. Some last three days, some last three hours. At one wedding you might dance the night away to a 10 piece salsa band while at another you might fall asleep under the stars to a peaceful jazz solo. If my portfolio can be a reflection of the diversity in love, that’s the big dream.

 I hope to be recognized for my style of work and I dream that my videos will move emotions within you when you watch them, whether in love or in some other act of humility.


Where is the world would you most like to shoot and why?

New Zealand tops the list because of its breathtaking backdrops & the laid back people.  And a close second would be India because of its age-old traditions and bright colors.

Categories: Inspiration, Weddings-Together Loves Darcy Bly

Rules or words you live by:

What you seek is seeking you. -Rumi

Channel Island Love Story :|: Amanda + Ryan from Darcy Bly on Vimeo.

Categories: Inspiration, Weddings-Together Loves Darcy Bly

Any artists, musicians, writers etc who inspire or influence your work?

Every day I am in awe of people who inspire me with their art and self-expression. My muses are always changing, but right now for wedding inspiration Im loving By Amy Lynn Photography. Ive read everything by the author, Paulo Coelho. Currently listening to Anderson Paak and Sons of the East for their musical talents. Always have been in love with Banksy and Jr. for their rebelliousness in art and when I need to read a good bit of life wisdom, my go-to is Morgan Harper Nichols.

Stay Wild, Moon Child :|: from Darcy Bly on Vimeo.

Categories: Inspiration, Weddings-Together Loves Darcy Bly

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