Together Styles: Simple Pastel Bouquet

flowers in vase (1)

This is a great way to display a small number of flowers you’ve picked from your garden, or if you have just a couple of beautiful blooms on hand.

You can recreate this look with nearly any flowers, but when making smaller bouquets I like to keep them simple by either using similarly shaped flowers in different colours or – as in this case – by limiting the colour palette.

You will need:
– A small vase, I used the Mavis style from The Family Ceramics in Petal Pink.
– A base to display your vase on. This is optional but helps to make more of a feature of smaller floral displays. I used a large Doris serving plate from The Family Ceramics.
– A mix of hand-picked and store-bought stems. I used two lemonade roses, greenery from the garden and cut a magnolia from my favourite tree.
– Garden snips

1. Hold the tallest stem in your hand and arrange your two feature flowers at different heights on either side.
2. Arrange your greenery around the outside of this so it looks balanced from all sides.
3. Keep adding the greenery or adjusting the height of different stems until you’re happy with how it looks.
4. Trim the stems so they’re all the same length at the base. If you hold your bouquets next to your vase, you can work out the correct length to trim the stems by measuring how high you want your blooms to be from the top.
5. Place the bouquet in your vase, spin her around and make sure she looks great from all angles. You don’t want the vase too look too full or too empty, so add and subtract as needed. I decided the shape of the magnolia didn’t work in my bouquet, so used it to display on the plate.

Words and photography by Amber Armitage

flowers flatlay