Tronque’s Croesus Firming Butter

After selling out, Tronque’s in demand Rich as Croesus Firming Butter is now back and better than ever so you can give your body the long-lasting moisture it deserves with a soufflé of science-backed, innovative and natural ingredients.

If you’re looking for ways to prep your skin for your big day, you won’t go wrong with Tronque’s range of high-performance skincare. In particular, their decadent Firming Butter delivers intense, long-lasting moisture thanks to its clean, nutrient-rich formulation. The New Zealand-made velvety cream helps to increase elasticity, nourish and smooth dehydrated skin, brighten skin tone, and fade pigmentation.

While it’s been away, founder Tanné Snowden has taken the opportunity to refine her adored formula even further, with a considered ingredient list and a divine new natural fragrance designed in Grasse, France. With indulgent notes of watermelon, floral pink accord, rose, wild strawberry, and gaiac wood oil, this vibrant and fresh scent is a dreamy fragrance for spring and summer, without overpowering your daily perfume.

Made with 22 nutrient-dense 100% natural ingredients, Rich as Croesus is designed to indulge your skin with the luscious, long-lasting moisture it deserves with a souffle of velvety shea, cacao and mango butters to protect and repair.

To make this even better, the hydrating fusion of biotech ceramides, Mamaku, niacinamide, squalene, hyaluronic acid and glycerine feed calms and deeply revitalises dry, damaged areas of the skin.

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True to its clean and sustainable ethos, Tronque continues to deliver products that are only made from non-toxic, plant-based, and organic ingredients.

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