Valentino Uomo Born In Roma Yellow Dream

Valentino Uomo Born in Roma Yellow Dream is a powerful homage to the fashion atelier’s Italian roots. Its deep yellow hue will transport you to the capital, just as the sun drapes its rays across the rooftops.

Designed to make the wearer dream of romance and adventure, its colour notes are juicy Italian mandarin and pineapple – a duo of punchy scents that will awaken the senses. 

Valentino Uomo fragrance review
Valentino Uomo mens fragrance

Spicy gingerbread also plays a lead role here with textured vanilla absolute and cedarwood leaving a lasting warmth against the skin – a warm, romantic scent for grooms.

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Born In Roma is a tribute to the haute couture and street culture that coexists in Maison Valentino designs. As creative director, Pierpaolo Picciolo says: “If you don’t dream, you can’t deliver dreams.”

Valentino born in roma review

Its bottle is a reflection of the Roman landscape which inspired the fragrance. The silhouette is of course recognisable for its iconic Valentino Rockstud while the neon yellow lettering carries the fragrance into the modern day.

It’s in good company too. Together Journal recently reviewed Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream. Another love letter to the romantic city, Italian bergamot and primofiore lemon sit at its heart, making for a light, fruity fragrance for brides and maids alike.

Whilst couture note, damascan rose, envelopes the skin in warmth – just like the Italian sun.

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