The Jellyologist
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The Jellyologist

The Jellyologist began as an instagram project that Jessica Mentis, of Mentis Studios, started in May 2015. Every day for 100 days she 3d printed a jelly mould, set it with an experimental jelly flavour, photographed it and posted it online. Nuts.
People responded by asking to try these crazy flavours, and she obliged. In the year and a half since posting her first image she's been featured in most of New Zealand's foodie publications, traveled to London to shoot a thing with Nikon and Stylist Magazine, shot a soon-to-be-realeased commercial in Sydney, thrown some epic parties, made (almost literally in one case) a tonne of jelly and worked with some amazing clients. Internationally. Nuts. She's had a bloody great time doing it and is pretty excited about launching the retail arm of Mentis Studios with what she believes is the world's first online jelly store. Jess can't wait to bring some serious wobble to your upcoming bash.

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