Anne De Geyter

Hi there! I’m Anne, a Belgian based photographer with a nostalgic soul, collector of images and narrator of memories.

Getting married? Now, here's where the fun begins! I have this uncanny ability to inject humor and playfulness into my art. Through my lens, ordinary scenes turn into extraordinary adventures. Even the most camera-shy folks can't resist cracking a smile and letting loose. The result? A photo collection that radiate joy, laughter, and genuine happiness.

But hey, it's not just about pretty pictures! I bring the warmest, most personal touch to every shoot. Couples rave about my eye for detail, capturing their personalities, and immortalising every memorable moment.

You see, it's not just clicking away; it's capturing emotions, connections, and memories. Every snap of my shutter comes with a vow to preserve the heart of the moment. My photos wrap you up in a cozy blanket of intimacy, so you relive those feelings whenever you glance at them.

But wait, there's more! I pride myself on being a kind and caring soul. I go the extra mile to ensure my clients feel like the superstars they truly are. I build real connections, getting to know each person on a personal level. Let's face it, by the end of our shoot, we'll be more than just photographer and client. We'll be friends.

So, in a world that sometimes feels as dull as beige wallpaper, I bring a splash of colour, humour, and warmth to my photography. I capture life's fleeting moments, weaving stories of love, adventure, and maybe even a hilarious mishap or two.

If you're lucky enough to work with me, hold onto your hats! You won't just get stunning photos; you'll get an experience that'll have you laughing, crying (in a good way), and cherishing the memories we create. So let's go and capture some extraordinary magic!

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