Briars Atlas

Oli is an armchair anthropologist, fascinated with all of the weird, wonderful, large and small things that make us human.

It turns out that a lot of these things are on display when we celebrate and engage in ritual (a wedding).

Having been within several creative industries over the last two decades, he currently spends his time as an award winning photographer and creative lecturer internationally, and if you connect with the images over this site, would be honoured to invest himself into making something wonderful for you.

Your wedding day isn't a story, it's a dance.

And as it turns out, that's how everything around it is too. Your imagination will fill in the gaps, extend, condense, change how some things felt, and never forget how others did, for years to come.
How I photograph, is also a dance (that's a metaphor: I have as many actual moves as a sleeping chess player).

I rely on feel and anticipation (sharply honed from a good 150 of these), and an enthusiastic curiosity of humans and all our weird and wonderful little quirks.

I cherish the anarchy and discord as much as the calm and romantic: the day is a collection of moments and sliding doors, and my job is to take and interpret tokens from them all, whatever colour they are.

When you hire me, you're commissioning a new friend, and internationally-awarded creative anarchist to use my eyes, ears, heart, and strange cameras to move with that dance.

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