Based in NZ, Bubblerock is also available worldwide.

We believe in iconic images with attitude.
It’s about magic and understated elegance with a good dose of fun.

We have been at this for years and we still love it as if it was a brand new exciting adventure but with those years of experience, we have learnt to create something truly unique. It’s been the adventure of a lifetime, travelling the world to tell people’s most personal stories and we do not take this honour for granted. And in recent times, we have found exactly what photographing weddings is to us; it is “the love child of a vogue cover and a warm hug”. It is profoundly elegant and humanist. It is about people, and it is about their emotions, but it is also about feeling like a million bucks. There is space for both fly-off-the-wall and fashion-inspired photography on a wedding day; in fact, the true test of a good photographer is to be able to pair both effortlessly.

We are minimalist, nostalgic, editorial, and full of humanity. Our images have a sense of timelessness (hello shooting analog!) and a modern edge (we are in the 21st century after all). It’s glorious, personal, and witty, just as it should be. At the end of the day, it really is the deep connections and all the fun & love that matter.

Let’s create something legendary but totally you. No rules, just love.

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