Damien Milan Photography
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Damien Milan Photography

Hey, I am Damien, a dreamer and nomad at heart. I love how photography takes me to unexpected places and allows me to capture stories in a way that is intoxicatingly real and raw. This is what drew me to wedding photography; the beautiful complexity between people, emotions, places and cultures.

I want my work to carry a sense of timelessness, and film photography allows me to achieve this more easily, so this is why all my photography packages include a mix of digital and analog photographs. My hope is for each image to feel the same way in 20 or 50 years as it feels today, without being subject to temporary trends.

Light is the core of my work and I am always up for experimenting with it in an intentional, artful and cinematic way. My love for travel reportage means I won’t be arranging you into awkward poses, as I much prefer to capture all the brave and honest moments. When you look back through the photographs of your wedding day, I want you to relive it through the details and often overlooked or quiet moments that made it so special.

I photograph weddings because I love to share this amazing day with couples and their tribe so if you connect with my work and would like to welcome me into your world for a day or so, I would love to hear from you!