Fiona + Bobby Photography

Fiona and Bobby are a husband and wife pair who are creatively and cinematically driven with a calm, candid and joyful approach to capturing weddings. They are photographers who are just a little bit different.

They are a bit quirky, a tad sassy, a little goofy and a dash dreamy.

They respect and honour the complexities of relationships with an innate curiosity to know how people weave together so delicately. By investing back into their couples, they are able to celebrate the individuality of each celebration that they capture.

Fiona and Bobby value that each wedding is intricately different and work with their couples to create beautiful and stress free flows to the day, taking the weight off their couples as they lace the timeline together. They know that your wedding day is not an itemised list of items to work through but more of an experience to remember.

They are there for all those big, bold moments of exuberance and equally as present for the smaller intimate moments that you don’t remember happening.

So, adventure together with them, rave about the music you love, the movies that inspire you and talk about what drives your passions, all while collaborating to create the most epic wedding story for the ages.

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