Jonny Scott

Destination. Wedding. Portraiture.

My name is Jonny Scott, I am a Wedding Photographer based out of Auckland, New Zealand. Every photographer has a style, and mine is a soft palette of romantic, dreamy, and intimate.

When I was 7, I asked my dad for his spare 35mm Fujica (which he got off his dad). I started photographing every single insect and animal I could find. We moved to the US and my eyes were opened to the different wildlife that there was in the world. Being a part of the Boy Scouts of America, I was able to photograph things I would have never had dreamed of. The Rocky Mountains, Glaciers, San Juan Islands, Marmots, Coyotes, and so much more. People and fashion was the next progressive step for me, and I loved working with people. But upon getting married (to my beautiful wife in the picture), I realised that working extremely closely with couples on the biggest day of their lives was exactly what I wanted to be doing.

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