Love in a Jewel
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Love in a Jewel

LOVE IN A JEWEL is a New Zealand Jewellery House specialising in creating fine jewellery with heart handcrafted to the highest standard. Their signature collection of Keepsake Jewellery has been designed with a special compartment to hold a Loved One's ashes (or even a much-loved pet's ashes) safely inside forever.

Beautiful Ash Jewellery designed so you can hold your love close to your heart on your special day and only you need to know what your jewellery holds. Choose from Ash Charms, Ash Pendants, Ash Rings and Ash Cufflinks.

Also unique to LOVE IN A JEWEL, is a collection of jewellery which can hold a handpenned love note. This is such a romantic and meaningful gift for the bride or groom. Simply write how much your partner means to you and leave the rest to the team at LOVE IN A JEWEL. They will carefully photograph your note, fold it and place it inside the jewellery. It is then professionally sealed inside forever. Also perfect as a beautiful wedding morning gift to give your Mum, Dad, or bridal party.

Every LOVE IN A JEWEL comes with polaroid photos showing the precious note of love or keepsake held safely inside forever and is beautifully packaged and ready to give. Every piece is handcrafted with care and expertise by Master Jeweller, Joachim van Oostrum in his Christchurch based studio. Delivery is complimentary through-out New Zealand and world wide delivery can also be arranged.

To order your bespoke LOVE IN A JEWEL for your wedding day simply contact LOVE IN A JEWEL via their website or send an email to

Master Jeweller Joachim van Oostrum also specialises in bespoke Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands.
Bringing European influences and a world of experience in jewellery design, he takes inspiration from the beauty of the stones and the client’s personal style, transforming exceptional diamonds and gemstones into legendary jewels for the modern bride.