Maryna Cherednikova

Maryna brings an effortless editorial flair into a documentary style photography. While giving a modern edge to the timeless frames, she shoots both film and digital.

She loves creating space for those around her to feel safe, and carefree, which allows her to capture things in an artful and honest way. Maryna Is passionate about illuminating fashion details and bringing up authentic emotions.

"If I want authentic you I need to be honest with you too. I curse a little, I drink wine and I watched "50 shades of Grey" TWICE. I love all things art and fashion, but mostly value experiences and emotions. I also have two master degrees, two kids and travelled to 30+ countries. I enjoy this life and salute to every brave human, who does what he loves."

While being a sucker for Editorial elegance, she mostly likes when couples are having real blast and fun on their wedding day, staying true to their character and nature.

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