Meggan Morimoto

Designed in Melbourne, handmade in Tuscany, Italy, Meggan Morimoto footwear challenges the concept that fashion necessarily forsakes comfort. Ethically and sustainably, one luxury modern bridal shoe at a time.

Our ever growing Bridal and Beyond collection signifies our widely accessible ready-to-wear offering - produced in limited quantities to reduce waste. Premium materials ensure longevity, and detachable embellishments allow customisation. Sleek, modern designs – made to be styled up and then down. Loved on your wedding day, lived in for years to come.

Each pair of Meggan Morimoto's feature a swathe of hidden comfort features. From premium Italian nappa leathers, keeping bridal feet blister-free, and a nappa lining minimises friction and allows the foot to breathe. Our custom-designed, hidden comfort insoles add cushioning, meanwhile a custom collection of lasts ensures even weight distribution in every pair. Meaning? A beautifully stable, balanced shoe, without that all-too-common pressure on the balls of the feet.  

Being a truly international brand with real brides from Australia, NZ, the USA, Europe and the UK, you can feel confident choosing Morimoto’s for your special day and beyond.

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