Orsini Fine Jewellery

Fine Jewellery is about quality pieces that reflect your unique sense of style that will be cherished from generation to generation.

At Orsini, we create distinctive, personalised pieces designed to stand the test of time and be cherished for generations. The name "Orsini" is Italian, rich in tradition and history, symbolising family, quality, style, and lasting beauty—elements seamlessly integrated into each jewellery design.

In 2008, Sarah unveiled Orsini Fine Jewellery, bringing her passion for handcrafted Italian jewellery to the world. Her love for fine Italian pieces blossomed while living in Europe, thanks to her father-in-law, former jeweller Peter Hutchings, who introduced her to the illustrious Vicenza Jewellery Fair in Northern Italy. Mesmerised by European jewellers' exquisite designs and intricate craftsmanship, Sarah knew she wanted to bring the allure of quality, handcrafted European jewellery to New Zealand.

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